Project Experience

Master’s Project: Next Beam (Innovation) vs Others Bridge Girders – “Study of Efficiency of Prestressed Concrete Bridge Structures”.
Parametric study is being conceded out by means of AASHTO LRFD & PCI
Study of Efficiency of Prestressed Concrete Bridge Structures

Seismic Analysis for Four Story Concrete Building (Building is Assumed to be in Seattle, WA)- LACCNOR Earthquake Records is Used
Analysis of concrete building by means of SAP 2000. Performed Response Spectrum Analysis, Time Domain Analysis & Modal Analysis and theoretical computation of Equivalent Lateral Force Method is also carried out.
Seismic Analysis of Four Story Building in Seattle Region

Dynamic Analysis-Truck Bumper Dynamic Analysis
Truck Bumper Dynamic Analysis

Dynamic Analysis- Odonell Papers Additional Deflection
Odonell Papers – Additional Deflection

Rehabilitation of Bridge (Cortland Bridge):
Bridge Inspection was conceded out. Based on worsening, long term solution is projected (External Post tensioning). Detail analysis and design is conceded out based on the new loads & BOQ is suggested
Presentation For Rehabilitation of Bridge
Rehabilitation of Concrete Bridge- By External Prestressing

Procurement and its Integration to Construction Industry
Research Paper – Procurement and its integration to construction Industry

Design of Commercial Concrete Building (Two Story)
Analyzed and designed various components like Slabs, Beam, Shear Wall, Footing, Columns and Retaining Wall. Green engineering was integrated (fit outs of glass panels & green roofing system, STP plant set up as a secondary function of in house production of Energy). By doing this I got familiar with ACI code, IBC code & LEED points system.
Design of Commercial Building In Syracuse
Presentation of Project-Design of Commercial Building

Comfort Zone Project-Estimation Project & Construction Planning and Scheduling
Final Project Presentation- Comfort Zone Bidding Project
Final Project Poster- Comfort Zone Project

Design of Parking Garage
Analyzed and designed components of garage analogous to double tee girder & inverted tee girder (by means of green materials for components). Design was accomplished with facilitate of PCI Handbook.
University Ave Garage – Site Analysis Project
Design Report of University Ave Garage

Design of Commercial Steel Building
Analysis and design of steel building using RISA-3d. I got familiar with LRFD, 13th edition.
Steel Building Project – By Risa 3d

Buckling Analysis, Dynamic Analysis & Non Linear Analysis
Analyzed the behavior of beam under euler load. A model of Beam was tested in an assortment of combinations of elements & simulation was performed by ANSYS (Finite element approach-failure test)
Buckling Analysis & Dynamic Analysis
Buckling Analysis and Dynamic Analysis Presentation

Rehabilitation of Concrete Dam (Technical Paper)
Evaluation and Rehabilitation of Concrete Dams


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